Wednesday, May 29, 2013

art for the bedroom

this week i've found myself on a creative jag. school out and no rehearsal? let the art commence! i wanted to create pieces for two spaces in my home: above my desk in the studio, and over the bed in our bedroom.

i began with blank 8x10 canvasses and some spare frames i got FOR FREE from my sister-in-law. didn't feel like mixing, so i picked up a couple of pre-made colors that matched the bedroom (Academy Acrylic, "Yellow Ochre" and "Burnt Sienna.") the only thing i knew was that i wanted to play with painter's tape and the freedom of splattering the color.

here's what i came up with for the bedroom:

here are all three pieces in their frames.

and here they are, hanging over our bed! i am so happy with the results.

i am working on the art for the studio. stay tuned for the results!

xo, morgan

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